Monday, 27 June 2011

The whale thing

Some whales again. Rav.

Kate Nash on tyttömäinen salaisuuteni. Jätän mieltymykseni Kateen melkein tunnustamatta, mutta haluan mainita hänet, koska Kate laulaa valaasta ja tämä postaus koskee valaita ja musiikkia.

Kate Nash is my girlie thing. I can barely confess I actually like Kate. The reason, I wanted to mention Kate, is that she actually sings about a whale and my post is about whales and music.

Barbacue food is good
you invite me out to eat it i should, go
but i'm feeling kinda nervous
and not quite myself
so im running late on purpose
and i know this won't help
how things have become between us
if i go you'll give me help
and that i don't know how to fix it is making me unwell

Valas on yksi nerokkaimmista virkatuista elämistä koskaan. Se on söpö, mutta käytännöllinen. Valas on niin nerokas, että se varastettiin poikaystäväni hotellihuoneesta. Toivottavasti se löysi hyvän kodin. Tein poikaystävälle uuden. Ja kaksi muuta.

The whale thing is the most clever crocheted thing ever.  It's cute, but still functional. It's so clever it was stolen from my bf's hotel room. Hopefully the whale found a good home. I had to make a new one for my bf. One turned out to be three.

I'd like to travel i want to see india and the pyramids, a whale and that race with all the bicycles in France

P.S. Laula valaasta on nimeltään "Don't you want to share the quilt?", mutta suosikkini Katelta on "Foundations". Löydät molemmat kappaleet Spotify-soittolistaltani, johon laitan jatkossa blogissa esiintyvät kappaleet.

The whale song is called "Don't you want to share the quilt?",  my favorite Kate Nash song is "Foundations". From now on you have find both of these songs (and all the other which I have mentioned from my spotify playlist.


  1. They look super cute <3 Do cats and whales mix nicely ;D ?

  2. Why do you want to mix them with cats?

  3. Because my ipod is in a cat :D