Sunday, 1 April 2012


My husband doesn't want to have any carpets in our home. Even though I weaving my own carpet matching to our bedroom colors. Every bedroom needs a carpet, where to put warm feet on a cold morning, right?

Mies ei halua mattoja kotiimme. Siltikin aloin kutoa mattoa, joka sopii täydellisesti makuuhuoneen väreihin. Kyllähän jokainen makuuhuone tarvitsee maton, jolle panna lämpimät jalat kylminä aamuina.


  1. I hear you: my hubby just absolutely loathes rugs. The crocheted rugs are just so pretty :)

  2. I agree with you Josefina, I like a small rug to stand on before braving the cold bedroom floor in the morning! And you can keep your slippers right next to the bed so no need for cold feet. ;)

  3. Berenike: Haha, the same. My hubby actually approved the new carpet, as I told him about matching colors :D. The crocheted ones are super cute, but this one I'm making with old fashioned loom!

    Robin: Slippers are the best next to your bed! Maybe I should do also color coordinated slippers?